Management of Dental Trauma

Children are most susceptible to dental trauma due to continuous movement, curious nature, involvement in sports especially group and contact sports.


Dental trauma can include injury to the teeth, jaw, soft tissue ( lip, gum, tongue ), face.


Management of dental trauma depends on the type of injury. Based on the injury type and severity our specialists prepare the treatment plan and do the treatment.

Treatment based on injury type and severity



We advise parents to report and get evaluation done for their little one’s injured milk teeth ( mostly front teeth) at the earliest. Ignoring the milk tooth injury will not only harm the milk tooth but also can affect the development process of developing permanent tooth.

In case of chipped off tooth or completely knocked out tooth parents are advised to search for the broken tooth portion or knocked out tooth as repair of the trauma can be performed using the natural tooth segment.

The sooner the treatment is provided the better is the prognosis.

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