Pediatric Conscious Sedation

Children often have anxiety when visiting the pediatric dentist and during dental treatment. It can be managed either by non-pharmacological methods like behavior therapy, desensitization, etc. or by pharmacological means like Conscious Sedation.

Read more about the behavior management (non-pharmacological) method by clicking here.

Conscious Sedation is a great way to reduce fear and perception of pain during the treatment. It helps your child cope with the treatment and prevents the development of dental fear. Conscious Sedation techniques include inhalation sedation (nitrous oxide/oxygen mixture), oral sedationintravenous sedation and general anesthesia.

Inhalation Sedation also referred to as “happy gas” or “laughing gas,” employees the N2O and O2 combination by a highly skilled team trained in pediatric sedation. Read more about our Pediatric anesthesiologist by clicking here.

We have an advanced Anesthesia workstation with the option of sevoflurane vaporizer and N2O-O2 combination with all the safety parameters. Additionally, we have a multifunction monitor to continuously monitor and record the vitals during the conscious sedation procedure. 

For children with low coping ability, behavior management problems, dental fear and anxiety, odontophobia, general disorders, conscious sedation is a great way to have quality dental treatment.

Conscious Sedation Gallery

Conscious sedation equipment at Childhood Smiles, Painless Pediatric Dental Clinic in Bangalore

Painless Tooth Extraction with Conscious Sedation

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