All About Clear Aligners or Invisible Braces Treatment in Bangalore

Clear Aligners and Invisible braces are commonly used interchangeably and often refer to the same thing. You might have seen teens wearing metal braces (metal brackets affixed to the teeth and connected with a metal wire) and maybe wondered what it is for, whether they are painful, how they brush their teeth, etc. Or you might have experienced it while getting your teeth alignment treatment at an orthodontist.

Problems associated with metal braces

Yes, these metal braces are the traditional treatment of teeth misalignment problems. But it has multiple disadvantages. 

Clear Aligner - A modern approach to aligning your teeth

The Clear aligner is the answer to all the issues your kid may face due to dental braces. With clear aligners, we can treat conditions like crowding, too much space between teeth, crossbite, overbite, open bite, etc. Since clear aligners are made up of transparent plastics, they are almost invisible. Your child can take that off during meals and brushing as they are not affixed to the teeth like metal braces.

Is a clear aligner as effective as dental braces?

The simple answer is yes. Both clear aligners and dental braces work on the principle of guiding your kid’s teeth to the correct position by applying gradual and progressive force. Since the aligners are designed after scanning your child’s mouth, they are custom-made and fit snugly. At the beginning of the treatment, 3d technology-based software defines the progressive movement of the teeth, and all the aligners are designed and handed over to you accordingly. This reduces the need to take your child to the orthodontist regularly, as in the case of braces treatment.

Why choose a clear aligner over dental braces?

As discussed above, choosing an aligner over braces has multiple benefits. In this section, we are listing them together for your convenience.

Clear Aligner Treatment Process

A clear aligner (invisible braces) treatment involves four significant steps.

1. Initial Scanning and Treatment Plan

When you take your child to an orthodontist in childhood smiles, as a first step, the orthodontic team will do the initial examination of your child’s teeth and define the effectiveness of clear aligners for treatment. It is followed by a digital scan of the oral cavity and creating a custom treatment plan for your child. With the help of software, you can even visualize the after-treatment result. 

2. Preparation of Aligner Trays

Once you approve the treatment plan, we will send it to the labs for the preparation of aligner trays. These aligner trays will be handed over to you after a few days, and the treatment begins with your child wearing it.

3. Continued Treatment

During the treatment, your child has to wear the aligner tray for 20-22 hours a day for the best results. Each set of aligners will move the teeth in the desired direction, and your child has to wear a new set of aligner trays after a period of every 1 to 3 weeks. We may call you to take your child to the clinic for periodic checks to ensure the treatment is in place. 

4. Completion of Treatment

The treatment can take anywhere between 6 months to 36 months, depending upon the initial condition of the teeth. Once the treatment is completed and your child gets perfectly aligned teeth, we will give a custom clear retainer to be worn to ensure the malocclusion does not recur over time.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is the most widely used and popular brand of clear aligners. Align Technology created the first Invisalign (transparent aligners) in 1990 to treat complex orthodontic problems. Invisalign use SmartTrack® material to make their aligner tray, the material claim to offer multiple benefits over other aligner materials. Read more about Invisalign here.

How much does a clear aligner (transparent braces) cost in Bangalore?

It is the most widely asked question, and the answer is always a range of price because it depends upon multiple factors.

a. The brand of aligner that you select for your child’s orthodontic treatment.

b. The number of aligner trays required for the treatment depends upon the severity of the problem.

c. Clinic and Orthodontist expertise also affects the price.

To give you a ballpark estimate, the price starts from ₹ 35,000 and can go up to a few lakhs. We suggest you visit Childhood Smiles, Bangalore, by booking an appointment with our orthodontist and getting your child’s teeth assessed. The center will provide you with the best treatment plan and estimated price. 

What about brands that offer home scanning and aligner treatment without visiting a clinic? Are they not good?

We suggest keeping the following points in mind while choosing any treatment option.

a. Always choose a qualified and experienced orthodontist for your child’s orthodontic treatment. An orthodontist is specialized in treating malocclusion.

b. What is the support offered during and after treatment? Are they available to listen to your queries and solve them during or after the treatment? 

c. How immediately can the clinic or someone respond in case of any emergency?

d. It is always better to look for the reviews they have received.

Why choose Childhood Smiles for your kid's orthodontic treatment in Bangalore?

a. A center primarily dedicated to treating a child’s dental problem. We not only treat orthodontic problems, we offer complete child oral health care under one roof.

b. A qualified and experienced team of orthodontists and pediatric dentists is available to treat your child’s dental issues. 

c. A highly rated pediatric dental clinic in Bangalore, you can read parents’ reviews by clicking here.

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